Engage your audience with live polling

Transform meetings and classes with real-time polling. Get everyone involved and find out what they’re thinking. Meetoo makes meetings more fun and ultimately more effective.

Everyone can share ideas and questions

Spark participation with lively Q&As and chat. Audiences can ask questions, add likes to comments and give feedback, either from their device or online. If you need to keep the conversation on track, discussions can be moderated.

Put the ‘POW’ into your PowerPoint®

Turn presentations into two-way conversations. Add polls to your slides in seconds, either beforehand or on the go, with Meetoo’s simple PowerPoint Add-in.

When would I use Meetoo?

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Who else is using Meetoo?

"We weren’t sure what to expect with Meetoo and were surprised by how interactive and exciting it made our meetings. Meetoo enabled over 1,100 PwC employees to participate during the meeting through live polling and messaging."