Engage every student with Meetoo

Unmissable Classes

Grab their attention from the get-go and make your class unmissable. Get uninhibited feedback, assess learning and transform your lectures into energetic and inspiring experiences for you and your students.

Equal Voices

Make classes, lectures and seminars more inclusive. Meetoo gives every student a voice, encouraging everyone to participate and contribute - not just the usual suspects.

Students Love It

It’s fun! Students get to play an active role in classes. They download Meetoo like any other app and feel more involved from the moment they start using it.

and easy

It only takes a few seconds to set up a meeting and create a poll. Students can vote instantly or post questions from any device. And don’t worry, there are moderation settings to keep the conversation on topic.

See how much your
students understand

With Meetoo’s live polling you can instantly identify any gaps in their knowledge, visualize how their understanding changes and track progress over the course of a lesson, or even a semester!

It even works with

Meetoo integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint, making it easy to add polls and questions to your slides, either beforehand or on the go. Perfect if the discussion has gone off in a different direction Find out more