It’s time to engage your employees or audience

Find out what they’re thinking

Create and publish live polls in seconds and discover what your employees really think. Participants can vote instantly on their smartphone and laptops with results displayed in real-time.

Get everyone talking

From training sessions to employee town halls and all hands meetings, Meetoo lets everyone share ideas, suggestions and feedback from their device. Every opinion counts - switch to anonymous mode and give everyone a voice.

See how much they understand

No more surprises. With Meetoo's live polling you can instantly identify any gaps in their knowledge, visualize how their understanding changes and track progress over the course of a training session. 

your slides

The PowerPoint Add-in transforms lifeless presentations into energetic, two-way conversations that everyone can join. You can easily create and edit polls beforehand or as the session unfolds, displaying results on screen or storing them to review later. Find out more.

Keep track of who said what

No more note taking! Meetoo makes it easier than ever to keep track of what happened during the session. Collate everything from poll results and questions to attendance and feedback into handy reports with just one click.

Look good and make it your own

Customize the app in seconds with logos and colours to match your business, subject or course. Add links to supporting information and resources to the welcome screen.

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