Clicker Amnesty Terms & Conditions

Clicker Amnesty Terms & Conditions

1. Important Notices 

1.1  Meetoo will exchange each receiver/base station for a Meetoo license (Maximum 10 per business/institution). This is a limited offer to the first 100 individuals or institution to confirm that they would like to take part. Although time can be allowed to transition.

1.2  Meetoo will at least match the number of participants the can be accommodated at any one time (Maximum 1000 per license/receiver (1500 from April 1st). The Meetoo license(s) run for 12 months from activation. After this time annual fees apply (which can be agreed and locked in now).

1.3  Pricing is available here and subject to change without notice. See above regarding locking in pricing. Cost of sending the equipment is the responsibility of the equipment’s owners and shipping is to the UK address that will be supplied by Meetoo only. 

2. Ethical Disposal of Equipment

2.1  Meetoo is committed to disposing of the equipment ethically. Any costs incurred will be covered by Meetoo In the event of any funds being raised they will be donated to charity. The total sum and beneficially charity being announced on Meetoo social channels.

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What type of Clicker Keypads are eligible for return?
Any Audience Response System using clicker responders/handsets/keypads. However you must contact and confirm with the team at before sending them.

Is there a limit to how many I can trade in?
Meetoo will exchange a maximum of 10 systems per business/institution. The number of Clickers (and therefore participants) will be at least matched.

We’d like to do it, but need to get the timing right to transition, is there a closing date?
This is a limited offer to the first 100 individuals or institutions to confirm that they would like to take part. Once registered a transition date can be agreed and planned for.