Macalester College Athletics Makes Impact with Social Engagement


Macalester College Athletics wanted a better way to give visiting prospective students and their families a meaningful experience and offer as much information about Macalester student life as possible. They needed a tool that could offer diverse interaction with its audience throughout the weekend visit.

Macalester College is a liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its athletic department hosts prospective students to visit and learn more about its 21 competitive NCAA programs. Knowing that their prospective students are making important decisions, Macalester aims to quickly and easily connect with each student. They look for ways to provide maximum social interaction with each student – a tool to offer quick answers and continue ongoing communication as a way to give students an understanding of what a future at Macalester could be.

For this year’s annual Athletic Prospect Day, Macalester Athletics hosted a group of 25 prospective students and their families for a weekend that showcased the college’s athletics, academics and student life. 


Meetoo was recommended to fit the needs of this social and informative weekend. By using the Meetoo app, Macalester Athletics was able to offer prospective students and their families one platform that provides: a moderation tool for a panel discussion an easily accessible forum for on-going questions throughout the weekend immediate, direct contact with the Macalester staff ability to contribute to the conversation from multiple locations
Prospective students and their parents downloaded the Meetoo app when they showed up for registration and entered their specific meeting ID. Many users chose to remain anonymous for their weekend contributions.


The weekend’s festivities kicked off with a panel discussion. Macalester Athletics staff was pleased to see the prospective students turn to the app and voice their questions to the faculty and alumni. The app was a great supplement to those who didn’t want to speak in front of the group or felt that their question may be off-topic.

The Macalester Athletics staff used Meetoo throughout the weekend to answer their visitor’s questions as the group split up and ventured on tours of the college. The staff was accessible to anyone at any time. They also took advantage of using Meetoo off campus – for example, Macalester coaches who were off-site with their current teams provided sports updates in the app’s group chat feature. 

Macalester College Athletics found that Meetoo removed barriers for people to participate. As questions and comments came in over the weekend, Macalester was able to keep a constant social connection with all prospective students and parents. Overall, Meetoo helped the Macalester Athletics staff better communicate what life will be like at Macalester. 


“Our main goal is to efficiently connect with our prospective students. We loved using Meetoo because it gave everyone a voice. We were able to interact with everyone throughout an entire weekend covering multiple locations – it’s never been so easy to connect with someone even if you’re not face-to-face.”
Bob Dignazio, Athletics Recruiting Coordinator, Macalester College Athletics