SITE SoCal Improves Audience Interaction at Luncheon

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SITE SoCal needed a better way to interact with more than a hundred incentive travel and motivational event professionals at their monthly luncheon. With only 60 minutes for Q&A at the event, SITE SoCal couldn’t afford to waste time with roving microphones. They needed a solution that would make it possible—and easy—for attendees to participate instantly.

Audience Q&A tool at Site SoCal Meeting

A vast global network, SITE SoCal is dedicated to linking professionals in the incentive travel and motivational events industry with corporate leaders seeking improved performance through these experiences. SITE SoCal regularly incorporates new technology and meeting/event apps at their events so that their members experience new solutions to share with clients. But their goal is more than just seeking out new technology – it has to be easy and provide value; it shouldn’t be technology for technology’s sake.

With the goal of easily facilitating a discussion while engaging its audience, SITE SoCal turned to Lumi. The SITE SoCal Educational Luncheon: Elevating Motivational Experiences took place at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach with more than 100 attendees.

Audience Engagement and Interaction at Meeting


Meetoo is a new mobile meetings and event app that fit SITE SoCal’s technology needs. Upon arrival and registration, SITE SoCal attendees downloaded the Meetoo app logged in with a specific meeting ID.

After downloading the free app, attendees created a personal profile (or they could choose to remain anonymous). From there, SITE SoCal utilized Meetoo functionality:

Users contributed on the discussion board and shared ideas, comments and questions throughout the day. This feature was also highly utilized during the panel discussion, where attendees participated in the conversation (rather than just being presented to).

SITE SoCal managed the entire event from a dashboard by publishing messages and polls instantly: The polling questions were sent to the group through the app and instantly displayed results. Moderation was turned on during the panel discussion. SITE SoCal collected questions and comments during Q&A portion and guided the conversation for the panelists.

Site SoCal - Live and Engaging Meeting


Meetoo provided an easy way for attendees at the SITE SoCal luncheon to interact and be a part of the day’s program. Especially during the panel presentation – participants shaped the greater conversation with their contributions. Additionally, more time was spent on the actual conversation because participants contributed instantly, rather than waiting for a mic to be passed.

Looking back on planning the luncheon, SITE SoCal was impressed that it took only one short Meetoo training session with Lumi to fully understand the app’s capabilities and be able to implement by themselves at the event. They were also pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to control the Meetoo dashboard and publish polling questions, push through messages, and reply to comments on the fly.

In an industry where technology is expected, Meetoo is a perfect way to enhance everyday meetings and events while capturing the insights of attendees.

“I’ve tried a lot of tools and apps, but nothing has been easier to use and more effective than Meetoo. Interaction between our participants was seamless. For the first time, everyone in the room was able to comment and contribute during the presentation. Meetoo helped us create one of our most engaging events yet.”
– Meg Gneiting, Board of Directors – Director of Social Media, SITE SoCal

Megan From Site Socal - Meetoo Case Study

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