Meetoo ‘Full Access’ explained…

Peter Eyre

Meetoo ‘Full Access’ explained…

The Meetoo platform and straightforward licensing is designed to encourage users to gain maximum benefit from their investment in a live polling and Q&A app.

Our highly skilled customer success team focus not only ensuring that customers have everything that they need to achieve their planned objectives, but to explore ways to exceed them and add value. This might be through sharing best practices, introducing features that might further enhance a meeting, or exploring other meeting environments or areas of the business where the Meetoo license could add value.

Whilst Meetoo can be purchased on a ‘One Time’ license basis, this is generally for customers wanting to trial the platform or for purely one-off events. The most popular license by far is the ‘Full access’ which offers the following benefits:

Data Storage and Access
We take your data security seriously. Meetoo is GDPR compliant and in the process of ISO certification. By holding a continuous Meetoo license your meetings, and all the data within them is available to you to access, manage and reuse any time. Once a subscription lapses even for a short period of time we must, and do delete all data.

Unlimited meetings
For up to 1500 participants for 12 months. An ongoing subscription removes any admin hassle and budgeting process out of planning and delivering a meeting. Accessible any time, it’s one less thing to worry about and a system you and your team are familiar and confident with.

Locked in pricing
The Meetoo platform and apps are regularly updated with improvements and new features. Some new features incur additional costs with our other license types but full access users get exactly that, full unrestricted access.

Note: Multi-year discounts are available for full access licences, contact your customer success representative to find out more.

Instant access to new features
In recent months the platform has a seen a wide range of updates and improvements based on customer feedback including:

  • Self-paced Surveys feature
  • Updated and more intuitive dashboard
  • Updated audience display with improved word clouds
  • Star rating question type
  • Ready to use polling questions and surveys

Upcoming improvements include; a new Interactive audience display, an App update to improve Q&A flow, ‘Single sign on’ for Microsoft Office users, a major update to our fully integrated PowerPoint add-in and further improvements based on user feedback and behaviours. Our developers are keeping busy!!

Peace of mind. Meetoo is not only award winning* but the highest independently rated Polling and Q&A app out there. You’re in the safest of hands.

*Meetoo was the winner of a 2018 Bett award for Higher Education, 2016 Event Technology Award and Finalist in the 2017 Event Technology Awards and 2018 European Employee Engagement Awards.

24/7 Meetoo Support

The team are on hand 24/7 via email and web form and most business hours via live chat or phone. We prioritise and heavily invest in supporting and guiding our Full Access license holders to feel confident and get the most out of Meetoo.


Where there is a need for something not included in a standard subscription the customer success team are here to help. For example, we have clients wishing to; add multiple users to an existing account for easier admin, boost the number of participants to more than 1500, or needing to run more than one meeting at the same time from a single account. Depending on the solution, charges may apply, but a full access license is the best starting point.


The process of internal approval and meeting security requirements can be labour intensive, and take up precious time (Not good when you have a looming meeting date). We are here to assist in the process and are experienced at providing the correct information and assurances for our full access subscribers. There’s no need to go through this process every time you want to use the platform.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the most appropriate license for your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Meetoo Customer Success Team
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